398th Bomb Group

Life Decided on Coin Flip

Allen Ostrom

AI had two radio operators, said Jack Lee as he recalled other members of his 398th Bomb Group, 603 Squadron crew. Melvin Cohn and George Flood were top men. Both real nice guys. Then one day I got word that I would have to give up one of the two as there was a shortage of radio operators. Well, neither would voluntarily leave our crew, so I was forced into making the decision by the flip of a coin. Cohn lost and was assigned to Herb Newman's crew. On November 2, 1944 (Merseburg) Newman's plane went down after an ME-109 attack and Cohn was one of five on that crew that was killed . I have never forgotten that a coin flip cost a man his life."

Extracted from an Allen Ostrom Flak News article by Wally Blackwell

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