398th Bomb Group

Troopship Memory

George Schatz, Bombardier
Stan Alpert, Navigator
600th Squadron

Our Ken Elwood crew was one of the first complete crews from the 398th to finish our tours. Our final mission was on August 8, 1944. We left on September 10, 1944.

And we also must have made one of the fastest Troopship trips back to the states. And in the company of Prime Minister Winston Churchill. And with a printed dinner menu, no less.
Churchill kept the Queen Mary waiting for three days as workers prepared his quarters for the journey to meet President Roosevelt in Canada. The trip took only three days, 19 hours even while maneuvering to avoid the German sub fleet. Meanwhile, the few of us on board (3000) enjoyed the fine food, movie theater and soft chairs and sofas.

But above and beyond the Queen Mary’s luxury was the realization that we had survived our combat tour. And to this day we still appreciate the ‘crew Brotherhood’ we developed during combat.

GEORGE SCHATZ, bombardier
STAN ALPERT, navigator
600th Squadron

Printed in Flak News Volume 16, Number 4, Page(s) 9 & 10, October 2001

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