398th Bomb Group

A New View of the Old Base

By Wally Blackwell
November 2004

The photo (below) was taken in September 2004 so the crop has been harvested. The photographer Malcolm "Ozzie" Osborn was standing on what is left of the perimeter track on the eastern end of the large tarmac area that was in front of the main T2 Hanger. All of the Technical area was off to the right in this photo. Tony Barker's buildings are on the site of the 398th control tower. There is one old quonset still there.

The flagpole that the Friends of the 398th erected on the old field is shown in the left center of the photo. The view of the photo is across the the old field. The trees in the distance are located at the old 601st Squadron dispersal site.

Peggy Wells keeps an American flag flying on that pole continually. The flags flown here have always been our 398th veteran's burial flags, donated to the 398th for this purpose As many as thirty of these donated 398th veteran flags have been "flown to destruction" in the past 15 years. Flags for this purpose can be sent to the Secretary of the 398th who works with Peggy in maintaining the continuity of the program.

Photo from the Malcolm "Ozzie" Osborn Collection

A Current View of the Old 398th Nuthampstead Air Base - 2004

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