398th Bomb Group

1977 and All That

By Malcolm "Ozzie" Osborn
UK Friend of the 398th
19 June 2005

Below is a photo taken in 1977 of Herman Hager, Barry Tyler, and Harry Sleaman at Nuthampstead as part of the 8th Air Force Historical Society Reunion Tour.

On the left, is a delighted Herman Hager and former 603rd Radio Operator just after he completed his 'Longest Mission' which began on 21 November 1944 and ended in August 1977 with a landing to the Nuthampstead airstrip in Barry Tyler's plane. See The Longest Mission by Malcolm ‘Ozzie’ Osborn for more on how the mission began. Herman, a very dear friend was responsible for getting the ball rolling in raising funds in the USA for the 398th memorial. See Airmen They'll Never Forget for more on the 398th Memorial at Nuthampstead.

The gentleman on the right is Harry Sleaman. We have a photo of his crash landed ship in Kent on the web site. See Sleaman's Crash at Kent, 6th July 1944 - The Prowler - 43-37527/603/N7-X -RAF Penshurst, Kent. The Sixth Mission by Jim Haas, Bombardier, who was Sleaman's bombardier wrote about the incident in the Veterans Personal History Section.

The gentleman in the middle is a real Friend of The 398th, our very own Barry Tyler. Where would we be without all his generosity over the last 30 years?

Notice that Harry is holding a headset? Well thanks to Barry he had just flown his last mission from 131 - something both he and I would always be grateful for.

Barry, what have you done to stay so young? You have hardly changed.

Three Friends at Nuthampstead Reunion - 1977

  1. Herman Hager, 398th, 603rd Radio Operator just after he completed his 'Longest Mission'.
  2. Barry Tyler, UK Friend of the 398th and Aircraft Owner
  3. Harry Sleaman, 398th, 603rd Pilot

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