398th Bomb Group

V-2 in the Bomb Dump
12 December 1944

Contributed By Malcolm ‘Ozzie’ Osborn
UK Friend of the 398th
September 2004

14 December 1944
At 0500 hours a V2 Rocket bomb with a warhead of 1000 lbs of explosive landed in open ground, about 500 yards from ammunition office in the bomb dump. There were no injuries or loss of personnel but damage was done to approx. 5 buildings (including the fuse huts)

Two craters were formed, the first one was 21 feet in diameter, five feet in depth. The second crater being oblong shaped was 16x20 feet in diameter and 3.5 feet in depth. Parts of the rocket were scattered over considerable area of the bomb dump.

Extract from 1449th Ordnance history - from Malcolm Osborn's handwritten notes.

Unknown Man in V2 Crater with V-2 Parts

Unknown Man above V-2 Crater
(Rainfall has filled the crater)

Photos from Malcolm Osborn's collection

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