398th Bomb Group

History of the 1226th Quartermaster Company
(Service Group)
November 1943 thru April 1945

by Malcolm "Ozzie" Osborn

On the 15th November 1943, Detachment ‘B’, 1121st QM. CO. was re-designated the 1226th QM. CO. SGA (RS) at AAF Station 103. The Cadre consisted of 2nd.Lt. Joseph E. Kassorek and eleven (11) Enlisted Men (EM). The authority for the re-designation was General Order #198 HQ 8th Bomber Command. This unit performed all QM functions for personnel assigned and attached to HQ 1st Bombardment Division.

By 13th March 1944, unit strength was 3 officers and 54 Enlisted Men.

On 17th March 1944, HQ Detachment 1226th. QM. CO. SGA. (RS) was assigned to AAF Station 131. 1st. Lt. Kaminsky assumed command of the company, also Station QM, P&C Officer, RTO Officer. At the time of the arrival of the 1226th at Station 131 a Fighter Group was still on the station, and the 1226th began to prepare for the changeover of 131 from Fighter to Bomber.

Additional barracks and mess equipment were demanded from the R.A.F. and also initial stocks of expendable supplies were requisitioned from the assigned U.S. Depot.

Personnel of the 1226th were assigned to QM duties with the present Fighter Command QM Detachment, so that when the fighters moved out, all QM functions would go on as normally. The 55th FG departed 131 during the week of April 10th 1944, and this company took over all QM functions on the Station. The entire base was inventoried and stock record account for all Post, Camp and Station property was set up.

The 1226th was now responsible for, and had details performing the following functions:

  1. Receipt, Storage & issue of all Post, Camp & Station property.
  2. Receipt, Storage & issue of all solid fuels.
  3. Receipt, Storage & issue of all Petrol, Oil and Lubricants.
  4. Rail transportation.
  5. Post Exchange.
  6. Class 1 supply.
  7. Corps of Engineer supply
  8. Procurement and issue of cleaning & preserving materials and office supplies.
  9. Handling of laundry, Dry cleaning, Clothing & shoe repair.
  10. Issue of clothing certificates and food ration coupons.
  11. Pick up and disposal of Station salvage.
  12. Station Agricultural Program.
  13. Local Purchase.
  14. Handling of MIA effects.

Lt. Kaminsky promoted to Capt. On 15th July 1944.

Then follows staff changes on a monthly basis – no other information.

29th October 1944 – Capt. Kaminsky was appointed Station Lend-Lease, Reciprocal Aid Reporting Officer. This meant that the reporting of all supplies, and services given to or received from the British was the responsibility of Capt. Kaminsky.

The unit was disbanded on 15th April 1945 as per Para. 1, Section 1, General Order 52, HQ 8th AF, dated 12th April 1945 effective the 15th April. The three Officers & bulk of Enlisted Men were transferred to the 676th Material Squadron, 426th Air Service Group.

Originally created and written by Malcolm "Ozzie" Osborn of the Nuthampstead Airfield Research Society in November 1978 from micro-filmed 398th records.

Later transcribed to electronic text for the 398th Web Pages by Malcolm ‘Ozzie’ Osborn in October 2004.

The Nuthampstead Airfield Research Society was the predecessor organization to the English Friends of The 398th.

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