398th Bomb Group

Ozzie Remembers Major Braddock
of the 325th Station Complement

by Malcolm "Ozzie" Osborn

Major Heyward M Braddock was the CO of the 325th Station Complement Squadron at 131 for the whole time the 398th were there. I did have a detailed history of him, but unfortunately it was shredded by Ken.

The 325th provided ground logistical support to the whole Group, the Control Tower staff for example were all 325th SC. They were responsible for ground transportation - food halls - etc.etc. Victor Jenkins made contact with Heyward Braddock back in 1974 time - and Brad was in the first party of returnee's in 1976. A real character, a true Officer and Gentleman, always made me laugh with his little wispy asides.

He did give Vic his full uniform, but what has happened to it now I do not know. He gave us long term loan of all his negatives from his prolific photographic output around and in 131. These were returned to his wife Minnie, when Brad died. I spent an enjoyable week with him in 1977. We went up to the Blue Ridge mountains (of Virginia) and played snowballs! I spent a day with him in the NRO at Suitland, previously arranged by me, carrying out a dream day's research in to the 398th. Brad gave me the original, monthly statistical returns, now in a very delicate state. But thanks to Geoff Rice and Wilfrid (for carrying them back from DC) I have a complete set to work on. I did also, mercifully, get my originals back from Ken relatively unscathed.

October 2004 recollection by Malcolm "Ozzie" Osborn of his early work with the Nuthampstead Airfield Research Society in the 1970s.

The Nuthampstead Airfield Research Society was the predecessor organization to the English Friends of The 398th.

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