398th Bomb Group

398th Aircraft Histories Lists

Since the early 1970s, Malcolm ‘Ozzie’ Osborn has been collecting information about 398th Aircraft. The information came from a variety of sources such as 398th original records, 8th Air Force records, etc. In addition, colleagues such as Cliff Bishop and 398th Group Historian Lee Anne Bradley provided input from their own 398th data bases, such as the 398th Killed in Action Lists, the 398th POWs Lists, and the 398th Missing Air Crew Reports.

Ozzie has accumulated the information into a personal database and has made available three PDF files that viewers and researchers can download, view and/or print as they wish to learn more about the 398th aircraft. Once downloaded, the files are searchable in your PDF document viewer.

Dates are UK style, not American style. For example, the 5th of June 1944 is shown 5/6/44 and should not be read as May 6, but as 5 June 1944. This is the date style used by the 398th on their records when they were at Nuthampstead. 

398th Aircraft History PDF File Downloads (Issue 2, 15 December 2005)

  1. 398th Aircraft Histories - Sorted by A/C Serial Number (9 page pdf file). Note because of binary sort contraint A/C 42-1xxxxx are before A/C 42-2xxxx. So best to scroll through.
  2. 398th Aircraft Histories - Sorted by Squadron Code and Tail Letter ID (9 page pdf file). Note that 600th Squadron A/C are listed after 603rd Squadron A/C because of the binary sort.
  3. 398th Aircraft Histories - Sorted by A/C but shows Location and Cause of Losses (9 page pdf file)

If you would like to comment on these files, please contact our A/C History Lists Coordinator, Geoff Rice.