398th Bomb Group

S/Sgt. Chilton H. Jorgenson's Diary
Ball Turret Gunner 601st Squadron

Jorgenson's Mission No.

25 May 1944
Airfield, Nancy, France

Mission # 6
May 25, 1944

Today we went to Nancy, France. Time 7 hours and 30 minutes. We hit an airfield and they did a beautiful job. Bombs covered the field and buildings. Today is Capt. Gustoves last mission as our first pilot. I hope our co-pilot Lt. Jack Falkenbock takes over.

  • S/Sgt. Chilton H. Jorgenson's was the Ball Turret Gunner for the Selmar Gustaves, Merwin L. Genung, and John J. Falkenback 601st Squadron crews.
  • The above transcription was provided by Raymond Borys.
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