398th Bomb Group

398th Control Tower - Duty Control Officer Log

January - June 1945

The 398th control tower staff were under the control of Maj. Heyward M. Braddock CO of the 325th Station Complement Squadron. The staff logged every movement that took place on the airside of Station 131 at Nuthapmstead and placed their entries in a book called the Duty Control Officer Log. Very few 8th Air Force Tower logs have survived and the 398th is fortunate that the one from January to June 1945 has been found by the UK Friends of the 398th. If other 398th logbooks should surface, please contact the 398th Group Historian.

We are now very fortunate that Malcolm 'Ozzie' Osborn and his colleague Joyce, both UK Friends of the 398th have volunteered to transcribe this log book for the 398th web site. This is an exciting find and project and we thank Malcolm and Joyce for their very significant effort.

398th Control Tower - Duty Control Officer Log

  1. History of the Logbook
  2. Logbook Front Cover
  3. 398th Duty Control Officer Log: Clicking this link will download a 55 page PDF file containing transcribed Tower Log entries from 10 January - 28 February 28 1945. Transcriptions for March, April, May, and June 1945 will be added as they become available througout 2005.
  4. Decoding the Tower Log Nomenclature
  5. Comments can be sent to our Control Tower Log Coordinator, Malcolm "Ozzie" Osborn.