398th Web Page Mission


Having a comprehensive 398th web page adds a great deal to our Association's effort to preserve 398th history. It also provides facilities for presenting our many activities to 398th members, friends and the public in general. Computer skills and technical know how are major requirements for a successful Internet web page creator. We have one such individual in Dave Jordan as the 398th Webmaster. In 2002, Dave began a personal web page that focused on his father's experiences while flying twenty-eight combat missions with the 603rd Squadron of the 398th. In doing this, Dave found that much of the material had interest for the entire 398th. When I became aware of Dave's web page activity and experience, I convinced him to expand his efforts to focus on the whole 398th, both the Memorial Association and 398th history. In July 2002, Lee Anne Bradley, Geoff Rice and I agreed that we would be a small working group, with Dave as the webmaster, to produce a new 398th web site. I sincerely thank them for undertaking this significant endeavor and much appreciated effort for our Association.

Wally Blackwell,
President, 398th BG Memorial Association
January 2003



Prototyping of the current web pages began during the summer of 2002. Early activities focused on creating pages about the Memorial Association, choosing a permanent host site and web address, and the inclusion of some content related to the war years. The current 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association web pages were announced to the on-line membership on January 1, 2003 and to the general membership in the January 2003 Flak News. By the end of 2008, there will be over a half a million visits to the 398th Web Site.

The 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association Web Page

The 398th Web Page is divided into two main parts. The first part provides information related to the 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association, including its purpose, board of directors, dues, and other matters related to the running of the organization. The second part provides information, images, records, and recollections from the 398th's days in Rapid City South Dakota and Nuthampstead, England during 1944 and 1945.


The 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association Web Pages were commissioned to fulfil a number of goals. Among these are:

  1. To provide an additional means of dissemination of information for its members.
  2. To provide an additional means of preserving 398th history.
  3. To provide an additional means of providing information about the Association and 398th history to the general public.
  4. To encourage new membership.
  5. To encourage future generations to continue the preservation of its history.
  6. To encourage more participation and communication among its members.

Future Plans

There is still much to do to preserve our 398th history and to display it on the web. Future web efforts will focus on adding Veteran Personal Histories, transcribing diaries, documenting the missions, adding images of crews and aircraft. Volunteers are needed in a number of areas, so please check our 398th Volunteer Page to see if you can help. Our effort will be years in the making.

Dave Jordan
398th Web Master
January 2003