398th Contacts

As follows are e-mail links for various key 398th contacts.

398th Association

  1. President - Marilyn Gibb-Rice
  2. Vice President - Pete Krause
  3. Dues/Membership Manager - Beth Howard (to join or make a donation). For membership details see 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association (398th BGMA)
  4. Reunion Coordinator - Ken Howard (for information on next Reunion)
  5. Public Relations / Contact Officer - Sharon Krause
  6. PX Manager - Carolyn Widmann
  7. Official Board


  1. Award Coordinator - Jeff Vicha (DFC, Purple Heart, etc). See also Individual Awards for more information.
  2. Group Historian - Lee Anne Bradley
  3. Photo Historian - Geoff Rice (crew photos, aircraft photos, other photos). See 398th Photo Collections for more information.
  4. Special Projects - John Blackwell
  5. Volunteer Coordinator - (examples include Timeless Voices, Diary, and other key data transcriptions)
  6. Webmaster - (bad links, mispellings - please send http address of problem page


  1. TAPS Updates - Beth Howard (Please contact when a 398th Veteran has passed away or is missing from our annual Flak News TAPS list)

398th Friends

  1. Friends of Nuthampstead Airfield (FONA) Treasurer/Secretary For membership details see Friends of Nuthampstead Airfield (FONA) (Airfield used by 55th and 398th)