398th Bomb Group Memorial Associaton

(398th BGMA)

Prospective Member Information

Perhaps after viewing our site, you'd like to consider membership in the 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association. We would appreciate your support. We have three different Membership Categories.

These are:

  1. Veterans who were on active duty with the 398th during WWII.
  2. Spouses, blood relatives, legally adopted relatives, step relatives and in-laws, of a 398th veteran.
  3. Those who are sincerely interested in the 398th's heritage and future but have no prior relationship with the 398th organization or its veterans.

See 398th Membership Types for additional information.

As part of your membership, you will receive our quarterly, the Flak News mailed to your home address. While we don't offer the Flak News on-line, we do have a recent sample that you can take a look at and download as a pdf: Flak News: July 2008, Volume 23, No. 3.

Membership is via annual dues payment or a life membership. Current fees are noted in 398th BGMA Dues. Exempt from dues are spouses of deceased 398th veterans, special contacts such as museums and other 8th AF Bomb Group Associations.

The easiest way to start the process is to download our 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association Membership Form.

Dawne Dougherty is our 398th Dues Manager. Use this link if there are additional questions about dues.

After we receive the Membership Form with your payment, you will automatically be place you on the Flak News mailing list. Assume the initial dues payment is for the current year. Annual Membership Dues are due on January 1st.

The financial stability of the 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association and its ability to publish its official newsletter Flak News relies entirely on the payment of annual membership dues. The 398th is proud of the fact that many loyal and appreciative members make additional contributions to support the publication of Flak News and to assure the 398th will continue to exist.