One Last Look 398th Tour to UK and Normandy

June 2004

The June 2004 return to Station 131 is called ONE LAST LOOK.

And why not, considering that the ages of those brash, confident Yanks who parked their B-17's at Nuthampstead almost 60 years ago are now, or very near, 80 odd years old. The 398th’s June 2004 tour includes an English Channel crossing and a three-day visit to Normandy before returning to England for visits and ceremonies in the 398th’s Station 131, Nuthampstead area.

The Nuthampstead portion of the tour will provide ONE LAST LOOK at the old Station 131 airfield, the 398th Memorial and Woodman Inn, the St. George’s Church window honoring the 398th, the American Air Museum at Duxford, the American Cemetery at Madingly, as well as Cambridge, Barkway, Anstey and the many other long remembered places from 1944-45.

Barbara Fish and tour leader Allen Ostrom have been working for many months preparing just the right itinerary, selecting just the rights hotels and just the right places to visit. And ONE LAST LOOK is also geared to attract many second and third generation sons and daughters.

The complete ONE LAST LOOK tour is scheduled for June 3-15, 2004. An alternative 7-day tour for only the Nuthampstead area portion of the 14-day tour is also available.

Persons interested in participating in this adventure should call Barbara Fish for a detailed brochure and prices.

Let’s make this tour a real special event and go out with a bang!