398th 2005 Tour to Pilsen and Achenkirch

May 3-12, 2005

The 398th came to Pilsen in plane loads in 1945 to help the Czechs in their fight for liberation -- the group’s Last Mission. And they came back again with a bus load in 1995 to join in the city’s 50th liberation celebration.

And now, for the 60th such celebration, the 398th is readying one more bus load for the city’s 60th celebration. This will take place May 3-12, 2005. See the upcoming October issue of FLAK NEWS for all the details.

The tour will also include two days in the Austrian valley known as Achen, or Achenkirch, the church in the valley. This is where a 398th plane came down during a mission to Munich and where two members were killed ... and buried on the church grounds.

It will make the memorable finish to a memorable visit to the Czech Republic, where they erected a memorial called, “Thank You America.”