398th Bomb Group Bronze Star Awards List

Sorted by Award Date

As follows is our latest on-line 398th Bomb Group Bronze Star Awards List. The list was last updated May 24, 2008.

There are 17 known 398th Bronze Star recipients.

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If you have photos of the awards presentation or have citations not listed, or if you are aware of errors in our listing, please contact Jeff Vicha, our 398th Awards Coordinator.


398th Bomb Group Bronze Star Awards List
(Sorted by Award Date)
  Rank Last Name First Name Squadron Date Citation on Web Notes
1 M/Sgt. Southwick Earl M. 603rd 11/11/1944
2 S/Sgt. Currie Warren H. 601st 12/13/1944
3 M/Sgt. Issenmann Francis 601st 12/13/1944
4 Sgt. Church Charles L. 602nd 12/15/1944
5 M/Sgt. Corcoran Joseph F. 600th 12/15/1944
6 Sgt. Goeller Joseph W. 600th 12/15/1944
7 M/Sgt. Huesman Henry A. 602nd 12/15/1944
8 S/Sgt. Knauer Arthur T. 603rd 12/15/1944
9 M/Sgt. Schallert Maurice C. 603rd 12/15/1944
10 Sgt. Hohmen Joseph S. 602nd 2/9/1945
11 M/Sgt. Jackson Paul K. 603rd 2/9/1945
12 M/Sgt. Stegall Durward D. 603rd 2/9/1945
13 T/Sgt. Schmidt John D. 601st 4/6/1945
14 M/Sgt. Scandariato Peter J. 601st June 1946 1946 was the year Peter indicated for this award in his membership notes. We are researching the date earned and reason through the Natl. Archive Record Center in St. Louis, MO. He actually earned 2 Bronze Stars.