398th Bomb Group Purple Heart Awards List

Sorted by Surname

As follows is our latest on-line 398th Bomb Group Purple Heart Awards List. The list was last updated May 22, 2008.

There are 81 known 398th Purple Heart recipients and they are listed in the table below. Entries for Purple Heart recipients for non-PW (Prisoner of War) 398th Purple Heart recipients were transcribed directly from the October 1997 398th Flak News which stated:

"This List from the 398th who were awarded Purple Hearts for wounds incurred in combat was gleaned from the records sent by members of the Friends of the 398th, Nuthampstead. These records have been placed in three bound volumes and eventually will be forwarded to the 8th AF Heritage Museum, Savannah, Georgia. It should be pointed out that only the names of those men who returned safely from missions are included. Many others wounded in combat and ultimately sent to PW camps do not appear in the records."

Records for Purple Hearts for those men shot down, wounded and sent to German Prisoner of War camps were not with the 398th records as it appears that the awards were generally made after the war and after the 398th records closed. As these additional Purple Heart cases become known they will be added to the list below with a Prisoner of War indicator and source info noted in the Notes column.

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If you have photos of the awards presentation or have citations not listed, or if you are aware of errors in our listing, please contact Jeff Vicha, our 398th Awards Coordinator.


398th Bomb Group Purple Heart Awards
(Sorted by Surname)
  Last Name First Name Date of Wound Target Squadron Citation on Web Page PW Notes
1 Albright Franklin, Jr. 10/30/1944 Munster 602nd
2 Alderson Richard E. 3/2/1945 Bohlen 603rd
3 Amabele Nick R. 5/19/1944 Berlin 601st Yes Spelled as Nicholas H. Amabile in the transcribed citation.
4 Aukerman John V. 10/2/1944 Kassel 600th
5 Aune Arnt N. 7/20/1944 Dessau 601st
6 Bacon Adrian S. 11/10/1944 Cologne 601st
7 Bonner Donald C. 2/23/1945 Schweinfurt 601st
8 Branum Charles W. 3/10/1945 Sinsen 603rd
9 Brown James R. 3/4/1945 Ulm N/A
10 Bryan Joseph, Jr. 9/14/1944 Ostheim 602nd
11 Buck Edwin N. 5/30/1944 Dessau 602nd Yes Date of Wound transcribed as 5/19/1944 in transcribed citation.
12 Carbonneau Francis H. 4/8/1945 Deben 600th
13 Carlson Kenneth G. 11/21/1944 Merseburg 603rd
14 Chandler James E. 10/10/1944 Stuttgart 601st
15 Colantuccie George C. 11/7/1944 Brux 603rd
16 Cosco John P. 7/8/1944 Humieres 602nd
17 Cowan Harry E. 9/3/1944 Saarbrucken 601st
18 Crawford Paul F. 9/4/1944 Peenemunde 603rd
19 Cucco Joseph F. 11/2/1944 Merseburg 601st
20 Fanska Rudolph R. 2/23/1945 Schweinfurt 601st
21 Figueria Arthur L. 9/1/1944 Villaroche 600th
22 Fischer James N. 7/24/1944 St. Lo 601st
23 Fleming William R. 3/2/1945 Bohlen 603rd
24 Franceschini Gino 9/8/1944 Ludwigshafen 602nd
25 Franks Clarence J. 6/21/1944 Berlin 600th Yes Post-war presentation of Purple Heart
26 Fritsch Phillip A. 7/8/1944 Humieres 601st
27 Gagon Glen 3/22/1945 Dorsten N/A
28 Gilson John R. 7/31/1944 Munich 601st
29 Gray Harry E. 3/18/1945 Berlin 602nd
30 Guild Herbert D. 1/13/1945 Germersheim 601st
31 Gulledge Thomas B. 4/13/1945 Neumunster 601st
32 Haas James R. 9/8/1944 Ludwigshafen 602nd
33 Hall Ralph D. 1/10/1945 Ostheim 601st
34 Henning Frank K. 6/21/1944 Berllin 600th Yes Data obtained from Honorable Discharge papers via daughter, Amy Goll on 11/13/2007. Date of wound assumed as 6/21/1944, the date the Rohrer aircraft was shot down.
35 Herrera Jose E. 9/26/1944 England 600th
36 Hobba William C. 1/25/1945 Sterkrade 603rd
37 Horvath Stephen G. 7/7/1944 Leipzig 602nd
38 Irwin Victor B. 4/8/1945 Derben 603rd
39 Jennings George W. 6/25/1944 Toulouse 600th
40 Jensen Malcolm L. 3/18/1945 Berlin 603rd
41 Jillie Don R. 2/20/1945 Nuremburg 602nd
42 Johnson Evald A. 1/20/1945 Mannheim 601st
43 Jones William M. 4/13/1945 Neumunster 601st
44 Kempner Saul J. 7/8/1944 Fresnoy 600th
45 Kral George B. 1/10/1945 Ostheim 602nd
46 Kritz Arthur 9/13/1944 LeManior 600th
47 Leitner Lionel J. 12/29/1944 Bingen 602nd
48 Link Alex J.,Jr. 9/13/1944 LeManior 602nd
49 Mackie Henry L. 10/28/1944 Munster 603rd
50 Markel Norman E. 4/25/1945 Pilsen 602nd
51 May J.C. 3/22/1945 Dorsten N/A
52 McAllister John G. 5/30/1944 Dessau 601st
53 Menig John 3/2/1945 Bohlen 603rd
54 Molesworth Robert W. 1/28/1945 Cologne 603rd
55 Moon Roland F. 2/23/1945 Schweinfurt 601st
56 Norris Edward J. 4/13/1945 Neumunster 601st
57 Oien Hadley J. 3/14/1945 Osnabruck 600th
58 Oliver James C. 1/13/1945 Germersheim 601st
59 Paget Percy 9/9/1944 Mannheim 602nd
60 Parker William C. 12/29/1944 Bingen 603rd
61 Peirce William B. 5/19/1944 Berlin 602nd Yes
62 Peterson Emil O. 12/29/1944 Bingen 602nd
63 Richardson Robert A. 3/2/1945 Bohlen 603rd
64 Rosenzweig Harold 9/8/1944 Cauvicourt 602nd
65 Scott Ross F. 1/20/1945 Mannheim 601st
66 Sichting William M. 6/13/1944 Beauvis 601st
67 Small Grant 7/29/1944 Merseburg 602nd
68 Steele Edward L. 12/29/1944 Bingen 601st
69 Stewart Edward S. 4/8/1945 Derben 603rd
70 Stoffer Louis J. 12/24/1944 Koblenz 600th
71 Strombaugh Charles E. 9/6/1944 Brandenburg 601st
72 Suchman Charles B. 7/8/1944 Humieres 601st
73 Tacker Laurence 6/20/1944 Hamburg 601st
74 Taylor Franklin W. 6/27/1944 Berlin 602nd
75 Triebwasser Sidney 10/12/1944 Brux 600th
76 Tueller Glenn N. 12/13/1944 Merseburg 601st
77 Unger Von B. 7/6/1944 E'Ecques 601st
78 Walkup Charles N. 7/20/1944 Dessau 601st
79 Wallace Robert D. 1/20/1945 Mannheim 601st
80 Weisend Wendell H. 6/18/1944 Hamburg 601st
81 White James L. 12/24/1944 Koblenz 600th
82 Wickam Walter E. 10/26/1944 Osnabruck 601st