Award of the Distinguished Flying Cross


Headquarters 1st Bombardment Division
Office of the Commanding General
APO 557

No. 375
Award of Distinguished Flying Cross

1. Under the provisions of the Army Regulations 600-45, 22 September 1943, as amended and pursuant to authority contained in letter, HQ Eighth Air Force, File 200.6 23 September 1944, subject, “Awards and Decorations”, the DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS is awarded to the following named officer.

FRANK P. HUNTER, JR. 0-19083, Colonel, Air Corps, United States Army. For extraordinary achievement while serving as Air Commander of a Combat Bombardment Wing composed of B-17 aircraft on two bombing missions over enemy occupied territory. On both of these occasions Colonel Hunter demonstrated consummate flying skill and exemplary leadership in attacking installations of vital importance to the enemy. On 15 June, 1944, he directed the formation to the designated target where bombs were released and outstanding results obtained. Colonel Hunter led the Wing on 1 August, 1944, to the assigned objective with a high degree of proficiency. Upon reaching the target area the airplane in which he was flying was badly damaged by anti-aircraft fire. He continued on the bombing run and although haze and clouds made sighting the target difficult, bombs were dropped with accuracy. The courage, coolness and superior airmanship displayed by Colonel Hunter on this occasion reflect the highest credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States. Entered the military service from North Carolina.


Printed in Flak News Volume 9 No. 3, Page 6, July 1994