398th Bomb Group

Colonel Hunter Took his Turn

Allen Ostrom

As commanding officer of the 398th Bomb Group, Col. Hunter “took his turn” with other ranking group and squadron officers in flying as “Air Commander” during the group’s 195- mission tour.

In addition to his “official” lead mission, Col. Hunter also “sneaked” aboard several times to fly “unofficially” as a co-pilot. Here are the “official” missions credited to Col. Hunter while at Nuthampstead-

1. Sottevast, France May 6, 1944
2. Berlin, Germany May 7, 1944
3. Villacoublay, France May 20, 1944
4. Nancy, France May 25, 1944
5. Boulolgne, France June 2, 1944
6. Hardelot, France June 4, 1944
7. Bordeaux, France June 15, 1944
8. Leipzig, Germany July 7, 1944
9. Dessau, Germany July 20, 1944
10. Villaroche, France Aug. 1, 1944
11. Rouen, France Aug. 13, 1944
12. Delitzsch, Germany Aug. 16, 1944
13. Lutzkendorf, Germany Sept. 13, 1944
14. Magdeburg, Germany Sept. 28, 1944
15. Frankfurt, Germany Nov. 5, 1944
16. Merseburg, Germany Dec. 12, 1944
17. Neuss, Germany* Jan. 23, 1945
* Killed in Action

Colonel Hunter is buried at the Ardennes Cemetery, near Liege, Belgium, along with 41 others from the 398th, plus four listed on the Ardennes Wall of the Missing.

Printed in Flak News Volume 9, Number 3, Page(s) 6, July 1994

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