398th Combat Mission

16 August 1944

Target: Aircraft Depot, Airfield
Delitzch, Germany
Delitzsch, Germany


Information about this Mission
  1. Formation Chart for 16 August 1944 - Planned
  2. Formation Chart for 16 August 1944 - After Assembly
  3. Formation Chart for 16 August 1944 - Over Target
  4. Formation Chart for 16 August 1944 - Arlin's Diary Chart
  5. Lead Group (600th): Hunter as CA, Lowe as pilot
  6. Low Group (603rd): Latson as CA, Durtschi as pilot
  7. High Group (601st): Arlin and Genung High Group Lead
  8. Operations Officer's Report for 16 August 1944
  9. Bombardier's Narratives for 16 August 1944
  10. Captain Alan A. Arlin's Diary for August 16, 1944
  11. Lt. Robert J. Beckley's Diary for August 16, 1944
  12. T/Sgt. Armand Fugge's Diary for August 16, 1944
  13. Lt. Warren H. Wright's Diary for August 16, 1944
  14. Binger's Crew - 601st Squadron - 16 August 1944
  15. Farnsworth's Crew -601st Squadron - 16 August 1944
  16. Jordan's Crew - 603rd Squadron - 16 August 1944


  1. In the records there is inconsistent spelling of the town named Delitzsch, Germany. Delitzsch is correct and is spelled that way in the Bombardier's Reports. However, it appears that the spelling Delitzch was used elsewhere and it was picked up by the men in their diaries and in other documents.
  2. Four Formation Charts are included. The 1st three are recent transcriptions from original 398th records. The 3rd of these was somewhat inconsistent with the first two but had several handwritten comments on it. These were transcribed to asterisked notes. Captain Arlin typed his own for his diary many years ago. There are some inconsistencies among them but all are included for historical reference and comparison.