The Flag Still Flies At Station 131

by Allen Ostrom, Flak New Editor

An American flag still flies day and night on the “tall pole” near the old tower at Station 131, thanks to the many widows and loved ones who have contributed their casket flags.

Peggy Wells and son Tim monitored the flag program from their homes at Nuthampstead for more than twenty years. However, just recently Ozzie Oaborn has taken over the responsibility for its operation. Our 398th Flag Coordinator, Bob Bowen, is available to receive the flags and make shipments to England. Bob's address is 108 Alpine Way, Athens, GA 30606, but it would be useful to contact him first via e-mail before sending.

Following is the list of past contributors beginning with Col. Frank P. Hunter. The flags are “flown to destruction” and then burned at proper ceremonies when no longer suitable.

For updates to this chart, please contact our 398th Group Historian.


Flags Flown
Order Name Position Squadron Dates Flag Flown Date Flag Burned Comments
1 Frank P. Hunter, Jr. Group CO HQ      
  Charles J. Anderson (Bombardier, 600th) - -     We believe Charles J. Anderson flew his flag for a friend.
  Fil E. Arbogast Co-Pilot 601st      
  John Bawduniak Waist Gunner 603rd      
  William J. Beatovich SQ Navigator 600th & 603rd      
  William Benoe Crew Chief 601st      
  James W. Bewley Navigator 600th      
  John W. Bornstedt Pilot 601st      
  Raymond Brokaw Waist Gunner 601st      
  William Cantwell Radio Operator 600th   Robert Harvey Cantwell was in the 398th but we cannot find William Cantwell. Perhaps Robert flew his for William or William arranged to fly Robert's.
  Walter F. Clark Electrical Specialist 600th      
  Philip Collins Ball Turret Gunner 601st      
  John J. Colwell, Jr. Flight Chief 602nd      
  Ralph Coomes Utility Officer 325th Station Complement      
  Lawrence Crocker Navigator 600th      
  Julius Cubranich Tail Gunner 600th      
  Tom Dougherty Waist / Ball Turret / Tail Gunner        
  Archie Devaudreuil  (non 398th member)          
  Claude Dierolf Navigator 601st      
  John T. Driscoll Pilot 602nd      
  Clarence Ehret Ordnance 1449th Ordnance Sta.      
  Pete Giuliano Asst. Crew Chief 602nd      
  Ralph M. Hall Tail Gunner 601st      
  Frank Hammill   HQ      
  Warren Johnson Pilot 603rd      
  Walter Kruse Bombardier    (KIA  Jul-08-44) 601st      
  George Kuenneth Radio Operator 603rd      
  Peter Latrenta Asst. Crew Chief 601st      
  Hebert Licker Bombardier 601st      
  Charles Ludlam Intelligence Clerk 602nd      
  Jack Madlung Waist / Tail Gunner 603rd      
  Mark W. Magnan Pilot 603rd      
  Vincent Moore Pilot 603rd      
  Reuel Myers, Jr. Waist Gunner 603rd      
  James J. Nichols CO Driver HQ      
  Archie Paris Navigator 603rd      
  Albert Petska Pilot 602nd      
  Albert Pichette Officer's Mess HQ      
  Leo Poinke  (non 398th member)          
  Charles J. Rayes ? ?      
  Paul H. Rich, Jr. Pilot    (KIA  Nov-21-44) 603rd      
  Erwin J. Riley Crew Chief 603rd      
  Richard Schmidt Crew Chief 601st      
  Charles F. Seal Co-Pilot 601st      
  Clifton Self Engineer / Top Turret Gunner 603rd      
  Arthur A. Selevan Bombardier ?      
  Alfred P. Shadroui Ball Turret Gunner 603rd      
  Roy M. Sheely Pilot 603rd      
  Thomas G. Slawson Tail Gunner 601st      
  Harry J. Sleaman Pilot 603rd      
  Forest C. Smith Engineer / Top Turret Gunner 602nd      
  Edward S. Stewart Pilot 603rd      
  Carl J. Strickrott Group Bombardier HQ      
  Howard P. Studor Togglier 602nd      
  Wally Tillman Armorer 601st      
  Lester B. Veley Bombardier 601st      
  Charles I. Wasserman Co-Pilot 603rd      
  Frank J. Weiler Tail Gunner 602nd      
  William E. Wells Pilot 600th      
  Jack Wintersteen Pilot 602nd