398th Personal History on the Web

The 398th Bomb Group web site is a focal point for thousands of articles and photos of 398th history. This page provides links to other 398th focused articles on the web. Note the focus of our 398th Links to Other Sites is towards general WWII research sites.

Web Article:

  1. Lew Burke - Story in The Washington Post, April 17, 2013 - Remembering World War II's Air War With Two Arlington Veterans - by Columnist John Kelly
  2. Robert H. Dee, Jr. - 8th Air Force WWII Bombing Missions Includes the Lt. Robert H. Dee, Jr., Co-Pilot, 601st Diary, now on the 398th Site, along with other material.
  3. S/Sgt John E. Furrow - Waist Gunner on the 603rd Pinner Crew
  4. Last mission of B-17 42-102476, Gallagher’s Crew by Chuck Faas
  5. Operation Crossbow Mission 8 July 1944 - Airforce Magazine Online Includes information about the 398th's 601st Squadron CO Capt. Tracy Petersen, flying with Capt. Hal Lamb and his crew that day and his Deputy Lead Capt. Kearier Berry.
  6. Jamaica High School Time Capsule Warren John Weis - later Warren John Wade
  7. World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I The site is dedicated to S/Sgt. Dick Williams, Jr., 600th Squadron, of the Gene Douglas Crew.
  8. Silk map - the story behind an escape map from World War II The site is dedicated to the story of the James Dean Hill Crew and the map of Tail Gunner Thomas Franklin Osborne of the 398th Bomb Group, 600th Squadron.