Lt. William H. Baker's Diary

Navigator, 600th Squadron

Lt. William H. Baker was the Navigator for the V. A. Hansard Crew. During 1944 this crew was based in Nuthampstead, England. The Hansard Crew was in the 60oth Squadron, 398th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force.

The diary lists key locations and dates beginning with the crews's departure on 7 July 1944 from Pyote AAB, Texas to their arrival at Nuthampstead on 27 August 1944. Lt. Baker then begins relating the events of both his missions and various off mission days from 5 Sepember 1944 to his 20th mission on 10 November 1944. Sadly, Lt. Willaim H. Baker was killed along with V.A. Hansard, the pilot and Robert L. Davis, the co-pilot on 25 November 1944 on the return flight from Merseburg. The details of the 25 November 1944 crash are related in the Hansard Prop Blade Presentation.


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  5. Hansard Prop Blade Presentation - May 21, 2005 by Wally Blackwell and Sandra Averhart
  6. Lt. William H. Baker's Diary (pdf) - This downloadable pdf file is scan of the original Lt. William H. Baker's Diary.