398th Experiences


Over 280 398th men wound up in German Prisoner of War camps. A current list is contained in our 398th Bomb Group POW List.

The following 398th web site articles include information about POW Experiences. Note that in some cases the information may be just a few sentences within a story. However, even though just a few sentences or paragraphs, the reader will begin to get a feel for how the veterans got to POW camps and what happened there. Arranged alphabetically by author.

398th POW Experiences
  1. A Tribute to S/Sgt William Logan, Togglier, Enlisted, Bombardier, 602nd Squadron, A Special Story from 398th Archives by Joseph D. (Dave) Bancroft, Tail Gunner, 603rd Squadron
  2. Dale Brown, 398th Bombardier - 603rd Squadron Video Interview Transcription
  3. Last mission of B-17 42-102476, Gallagher’s Crew by Chuck Faas
  4. George Graham, 398th Radio Operator - 600th Squadron Video Interview Transcription
  5. Jerome Jans, 398th Pilot - 603rd Squadron Video Interview Transcription
  6. Phil Jones WWII Recollections by Philip H. Jones, Tail Gunner
  7. Lt. Harvey B. Kramer's Diary
  8. News From Camp Lucky Strike: "I’m Going To Give You A Concise Summary of What Happened To Me" by Paul Krup, Radio Operator, McAfee Crew, 600th Squadron
  9. Stalag Luft became a Happy Place by John E. Mikulas
  10. Story of Escape From Nazi Death March by Joseph P. Quinn
  11. Pappy's War - The Black March, Escape, and Backup Joe by John "Pappy" Paris
  12. Russell Reed, 398th Pilot - 603rd Squadron Video Interview Transcription
  13. RDX Raid and POW Experiences by Robert Taylor
  14. 12 Days a German Prisoner by Vonnerlin Wernecke
398th Pickup of Army Air Force POWs in May 1945
  1. Leading "The Mighty Eighth" to Leipzig by Keith Anderson, Pilot, 600th Squadron - Includes a paragraph about General Gross volunteering his wing to pickup POWs.
  2. 398th Formation Chart for 13 May 1945 POW Pickup
  3. Liberation Flight by Ralph F. Will, Flight Engineer
  4. Liberty Patrol - May 14, 1945 by Paul Wagner

The following Web sites provide information additional information about POW camps for WWII Army Air Force prisoners.

  1. World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I Contains history and collections of POW stories of Prisoner of War camps for USA Army Air Force prisoners in Germany in WWII. The site is dedicated to S/Sgt. Dick Williams, Jr., 600th Squadron, of the Gene Douglas Crew. That crew was shot down 26 November 1944 on a Mission to Misburg.