2015th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon


Leroy A. Ward, MSG (AUS Retired)

The 2015th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon was activated on 1 July 1943 per AAF GO #62 dated 28 June 1943 at Bradley Field, CT. The unit was organized under T/O 5-377 dated 12 May 1943 consisting of one Engineer Officer and twenty-eight (28) enlisted men. On the 1st of July Lt. Skanse was attached to this outfit from the 885th A/B Engineer Aviation Battalion for the purpose of assuming command. The first assigned enlisted men joined the unit on the 13th of July and it wasn’t until the 10th of August that the unit’s quota of twenty-eight enlisted men had been reached. On 15 July 1943, 2Lt Charles H. Anderson was assigned per par 26 SO 94 Hq AAB Bradley Field, CT to assume command of the organization thus relieving Lt. Skanse. The main source of troops were from AAF BTC #7, Atlantic City, NJ.

The 2015th EFFP was assigned to Nuthampstead, Hertfordshire during the time period 14 November 1943 - 16 December 1944. They first serviced the 55th Fighter Group which had arrived 16 September 1943 and departed during the week of 10 April 1944. They next serviced the 398th Bomb Group which began arriving in mid-to-late April 1944.

I have not been able to find any information on where the 2015th was assigned to after it departed Nuthampstead, or a replacement unit. In addition, I have not been able to find any document indicating the unit’s return to the United States or a deactivation date.

Departure from Camp Kilmer, NJ

2015th Personnel Roster who departed from Camp Kilmer, NJ for overseas deployment approximately 8 October 1943:

  1. Abiusc, Anthony M. T/5
  2. Anderson, Charles H. 1Lt
  3. Arcyan, Nazr, Pfc
  4. Battocletti, Ralph J. Pvt
  5. Blosser, Edward L. Pvt
  6. Davis, Emmitt H. Pvt
  7. Goldsmith Jr., Earl J. Cpl
  8. Gregg, Carl R. SSgt
  9. Kutzler, Edward, R. Pfc
  10. Loion, Euclide C. Sgt
  11. Mador, Edward A. T/5
  12. Malloy, Peter M. Sgt
  13. Mintz, Richard C. Pfc
  14. Prink, Verne H. Pfc
  15. Seay, George G. T/5
  16. Seifts, Lor N. Pvt
  17. Shaughnessy, Thomas J. Pfc
  18. Sheifter, Albert Pfc
  19. Shipman, Frank I. Pfc
  20. Smith, Raymond E. T/5
  21. Stalcup, William G. Sgt
  22. Strikeleather, James, C. Jr. Pfc
  23. Summers, Ivan Pvt
  24. Tallery, ??? Pvt
  25. Towery, Hollis H, Pvt
  26. Vaccapezza Rudolph L. Sgt
  27. Wicklese, Joseph P. Pfc
  28. Wood, Charles C. Pvt
  29. Wood, Fred A. T/4
Some Addition Assignees

The following personnel have been documented as being assigned to the 2015th EAFFP at some point:

  1. Bowers, Floyd R. Pvt
  2. Hayes, John T/5
  3. McAfee, Thomas E. T/5
  4. Poff, Carl L. T/5
  5. Siemesymski, Marion Pfc
  6. Thomas, Lenuel M. T/5


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Document Creation: 11/2/2009