Excerpts from The Youngest Crew

Paul Wagner, Pilot, 600th Squadron

Below is an index to excerpts from The Youngest Crew by Paul Wagner. Paul was a B-17 pilot in the 398th Bomb Group, 600th Squadron during WWII.

During the summer of 2003, Paul provided these wonderful excerpts from his book to the 398th web page in response to our request for personal histories from 398th veterans.

The Youngest Crew Excerpts
  1. "The Youngest Crew" - The Wagner Crew by Paul Wagner
  2. A Memorable Trip - December 1944 by Paul Wagner
  3. The Youngest Crew Goes to War - January 9, 1945 by Paul Wagner
  4. Mission to Cologne - January 28, 1945 by Paul Wagner
  5. Fourth mission: Chemnitz, Germany, February 6, 1945 by Paul Wagner
  6. Twelfth Mission: Schwerte - February 28, 1945 by Paul Wagner
  7. My Twentieth Mission, Berlin, Germany - March 18, 1945 by Paul Wagner
  8. Rest and Relaxation, WW II Style - 1945 by Paul Wagner
  9. Liberty Patrol - May 14, 1945 by Paul Wagner
  10. Homeward Bound - June 1945 by Paul Wagner
  11. Epilogue - The Eigth Air Force's Youngest Crews by Paul Wagner


See also:

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  2. The Youngest Crew by Paul Wagner, Lagumo Press, Cheyenne, WY, 1997, ISBN 1-878117-18-1. The Youngest Crew is available in the 398th PX.
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