World War II Experiences
"Timeless Voices" Oral History Project

Interview with

Lt. Paul Roderick, 398th Bomb Group Pilot
602nd Squadron, Eighth Air Force

  1. The Paul Roderick, 398th Pilot - 602nd Squadron Video Interview runs 49 minutes 38 seconds. There are three parts. Part I is Paul Roderick's Timeless Voices Interview. Part II is the amusing Cockpit Dialog skit performed at the 398th 2006 Reunion by Paul Roderick - Pilot and Roger Harvey Co-Pilot, and introduced by Bob Bowen. In Part III The Roderick Crew Tells War Stories, Paul and Roger are joined by former Ball Turret Gunner Eric Erickson. Part II begins at 21m 58s. Part III begins at 34m 10s.
  2. Paul Roderick, 398th Pilot - 602nd Squadron Video Interview Transcription - open to read along while watching the video.
  3. Lt. Paul Roderick was the Pilot of his own 602nd Squadron crew.
  4. To play the video above, hover over the black viewing box to display the control bar then click on the play button. Additional information can be found on our Timeless Voices index page under Getting Connected.
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