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Interview with

Sgt. Frank Yarmoski, 398th Bomb Group Togglier
601st Squadron, Eighth Air Force

  1. The Frank Yarmoski, 398th Togglier - 601st Squadron Video Interview runs 47 minutes 48 seconds.
  2. Frank Yarmoski, 398th Togglier - 601st Squadron Video Interview Transcription - open to read along while watching the video. The interview has not yet been transcribed. If interested in transcribing see contact details at the beginning of 398th Timeless Voices Interviews Transcription Status.
  3. Sgt. Frank Yarmoski was the Togglier on William McCarty's 601st Squadron crew and later on Wally Blackwell's 601st Squadron crew.
  4. To play the video above, hover over the black viewing box to display the control bar then click on the play button. Additional information can be found on our Timeless Voices index page under Getting Connected.
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