Information about this photograph:

  1. Aircraft No: 42-97385
  2. Tail Letter: X; Fuselage ID: 3O-X
  3. Group/Squadron: 398th, 601st
  4. Official Name of Aircraft: SHADY LADY
  5. Date of Photograph:
  6. Photo Location: Nuthampstead
  7. Crew at time of Photograph: Before 8 September 1944
  8. Final Disposition of A/C: On 8 Sep 1944, the SHADY LADY had mechanical trouble and was forced to land in France. The Warren Wade crew landed safely but were immediately captured by the Germans.  The crew tried to overtake their captors, but three were killed, four became POW's and two were Evadees. The Germans tried to hide the Shady Lady by covering it with tree branches and brush.  You see, it was perfectly intact and would have been quite a prize for them, however our fighters quickly located it and blew it up in spite of the "tree camouflage." The Germans were left with a pile of scrap. MACR 8605.
  9. Interpretive Comments:
  10. Related Information: Additional information about the Shady Lady can be found in The Saga of Shady Lady by Allen Ostrom.

Source Information:

  1. Photo Source: Captain Joseph Wierney Collection
  2. Photo Reference: 42-97385_3O-X_SHADY_LADY
  3. Photographer: Unknown
  4. Information compiled by the 398th Web team.
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