Information about this photographs:

  1. Aircraft No: Unknown
  2. Tail Letter: Unknown
  3. Fuselage ID: Unknown
  4. Group/Squadron: 398th, possibly 600th Squadron
  5. Official Name of Aircraft: probably Jiggs
  6. Date of Photograph: 1944/1945
  7. Photo Location: Nutampstead
  8. Crew at time of Photograph: Unknown
  9. Final Disposition of A/C: Unknown
  10. Interpretive Comments: Nose Art: The nose art on this plane appears to be Jiggs of Bringing Up Father aka Jiggs and Maggie from a famous cartoon strip by George McManus which ran from 1913 to 2000. Jiggs' pose on the aircraft is with hat in hand (viewers left) as though meekly facing Maggie when arriving home after a few with the boys. Thanks to Chuck for the identification.

See also:

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Source Information:

  1. Photo Source: Captain Joseph Wierney Collection
  2. Photo Reference: B-17_398th_JIGGS
  3. Photographer: Unknown
  4. Information compiled by the 398th Web team.
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