The 398th Memorial Momument was dedicated on September 21, 1982 by the first of many well organized and enthusiastic 398th reunion returns to old base area. It was a magnificent event, well attended by veteran 398ers and their families and with many English friends. Interestingly, the dedication service was seriously interrupted by a rare and mysterious windstorm (Hell from Heaven), but was also highlighted by a fly over by the Sally B, the B-17 from Duxford.

The 398th Memorial Association is so very proud to have this magnificent monument right there at the old base to signify its combat history. In the years since 1982, many more English Friends and hundreds of 398ers have appreciated and taken up the spirit that this Memorial represents. We owe these great friends so very much, but we will not forget Malcolm (Ozzie) Osborn and Vic Jenkins and what they accomplished for us.

The above letter by President Reagan recognizes the dedication of the memorial. The 398th is indebted to Malcolm Osborn for his effort in the construction of the memorial and also arranging for the dedication letter and its preservation.

Malcolm Osborn, UK Friends of the 398th provided a scan of this document. If you would like to add information about this picture, please contact our 398th Photo Historian. Please mention the title and photograph date.