The 398th's June 8, 2002 return to Nuthampstead included a magnificent fly over the old base and Memorial Monument area by the Duxford B-17, Sally B. This was a significant event, not only to the old 398ers present, but to all the second generation 398ers in attendance. But of real meaning and gratitude was the fact that the Friends of the 398th and the patrons of the Woodman Inn had labored for about a year of Saturday Arace nights (games) at the pub to raise the number of thousands of pounds necessary to fund the Sally B fly over for the returning veteran's enjoyment.

The Sally B is the only flying B-17 in England and has been based at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford as the Museum's official flagship for the past 25 years or so. The B-17 was brought to England by Ted White and Ellinor Sallingboe as a part of the Great Warbirds Air Display they created in 1981. Following the untimely death of Ted in his AT-6 in Malta in 1982, Elly took control of the B-17's operation, the Sally B Supporters Club and the Great Warbirds Air Display. Since 1982 Elly has dedicated herself to the momentous task of keeping the Sally B flying.

The Sally B has served well living its role as a typical 8th Air Force B-17 during these past years; on static display, at air shows and by performing "fly bys" over old 8th AF airfields for the appreciation of returning 8th AF veterans.

Such was the case in September 1982, when the first organized 398th England reunion tour returned to Nuthampstead for the dedication of 398th Memorial Monument. The Sally B fly over at that time will remain as one of the highlights in 398th BG Memorial Association's history. The struggle to acquire the funds to keep the Sally B flying was significantly improved in 2000 with a Permit to Fly from the English CAA and the launch of the B-17 Charitable Trust. The new charitable organization to keep the Sally B in the air received major fund support from many interested parties, including the Imperial War Museum at Duxford's donation of 20,000 pounds. To quote Elly's statement in 2000, "the purpose of the Trust is to preserve the aircraft and ensure its future for the enjoyment and education of future generations." We all hope this will continue to happen.

Randy Stange, 398th member and son of 398th veteran Raymond P. Stange, took the above photograph in June 2002. Wally Blackwell, 398th President provided the text. If you would like to add information about this photo, please contact our 398th Photo Historian. The Photo Reference Number is PR15.