A very emotional moment during a memorial service at the 398th Monument in Nuthampstead, England is the laying of flowers at the base of the Monument by the children from the nearby Anstey and Barkway schools. This beautiful action takes place at an appropriate moment right after the Laying of the Wreathes by an English Friend and a 398th veteran.

The action always seems to be a bit disorganized as the children troop in and wander about finding a place for their flowers - which makes it all the more heart warming. The flowers are of all kinds and description and are usually from the children's home gardens, or in some cases, are wild flowers that were growing on the old Station 131 airfield area.

Randy Stange, 398th member and son of 398th veteran Raymond P. Stange, took the above photograph in June 2002. Wally Blackwell, 398th President provided the text. If you would like to add information about this photo, please contact our 398th Photo Historian. The Photo Reference Number is PR14.