Information about this photograph:

  1. Aircraft No: 42-97363
  2. Tail Letter: Unassigned
  3. Fuselage ID: Unassigned
  4. Group/Squadron: 398th, 603rd
  5. Official Name of Aircraft: The Bugler
  6. Date of Photograph: March 1944
  7. Photo Location: Rapid City, South Dakota
  8. Crew at time of Photograph: Hopkins
  9. Final Disposition of A/C: Assigned to Hopkins in Rapid City Feb/March 1944, arrived Nuthampstead 25 April 1944; 4 May 1944 assigned out; to 96th BG 413th Squadron; no combat operations with the 398th; shot down June 1944.
  10. Related Information:
    1. Hopkins' Crew's B-17 at Rapid City
  11. Names the crew gave to The Bugler's engines as noted in a letter by Ray Vicha
    1. Engine No. 1: "Reveille" - always starts first
    2. Engine No. 2: "Pay Call" - always dependable
    3. Engine No. 3: "Taps" - acts up and stops in flight
    4. Engine No. 4: "Dirty Gertie" - throws oil
  12. Written on back of photo by Ray Vicha:
    "Here's the picture I was gonna send this morning that's our "Fine Trap???". No. one engine is always started hence the name. No. 2. is always on the ball. No. 3 is always going out or stopping and No. 4 is throwing oil. No. 3 is my pet, he always goes out when I talk nice to him and then we land and I come too town."

Men in Photo (viewer's left to right):

  1. T/Sgt. Raymond C. Gibeau, Radio
  2. S/Sgt. James (Red) F. Hochadel, Ball Turret Gunner
  3. S/Sgt. Raymond A. Vicha, Waist Gunner
  4. 2nd Lt. Edward C. Jordan, Co-Pilot

The Hopkins' Crew at the time of the photograph:

  1. 1st Lt. Robert L. Hopkins, Pilot
  2. 2nd Lt. Edward C. Jordan, Co-Pilot; replaced Lt. Steve P. Cullinan
  3. Lt. David B. Moore, Bombardier
  4. Lt. Anthony J. Jellen, Navigator
  5. T/Sgt. Raymond C. Gibeau, Radio
  6. S/Sgt. Raymond A. Vicha, Waist Gunner
  7. S/Sgt. Ray E. Nutter, Waist Gunner
  8. T/Sgt. Walter G. Armstrong, Engineer
  9. S/Sgt. William J. Germiller, Tail Gunner
  10. S/Sgt. James F. Hochadel, Ball Turret Gunner

Source Infomation:

  1. Photo Source: The Jeff Eberle (Vicha) Photo Collection
  2. Photo Reference: Vicha/4297363_Bugler
  3. Photographer: Unknown but probably member of Hopkins crew
  4. Information compiled by the 398th Web team with special thanks to Jeff Eberle (Vicha).
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