Members of the 2015 Engineer Aviation Fire Fighters at Nuthampstead in front of tent.

Standing (viewer's left to right):

  1. Bob Martin
  2. Al Cochrane

Kneeling (viewer's left to right):

  1. Bill Ahern

Written on back of photo: "Two dead soldiers" (referring to the two empty whiskey bottles Martin and Cochrane are holding).

Bill joined the 2015th on 29 Aug 44 from the 325th Staton Comp. Sq.


  1. Photo Date: 1944
  2. Photo Location: Nuthampstead
  3. Photo Reference No. Martin-Ahern-Cochrane
  4. From the Bill Ahern Photo Collection sent to him by Mildred O'Brien.
  5. Information compiled by the 398th Web team with thanks to Bill Ahern, Ted Heinbuch, Mildred O'Brien and Lee Anne Bradley.
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