Back Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. Rank Man A, Position
  2. F/O Francis P. Murphy, Bombardier
  3. 1st Lt. Winsor O. Coleman, Pilot
  4. S/Sgt. Harold W. Zimmermann, Waist Gunner

Front Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. T/Sgt. F.M. Redican, Radio
  2. S/Sgt. John W. Roby, Engineer
  3. 2nd Lt. Phil R. Swan, Co-Pilot
  4. S/Sgt. R.H. Hush, Ball Turrett

Missing from Photo:

  1. John Menig, Radio
  2. Alderson, Tail Gunner
  3. Anderson, Waist Gunner
  1. Phillip R. Swan identified most of the crew members above. He noted there were 3 temporary crew members, as they had just lost 3 wounded regular crew members from an ME-109 attack. John Menig, the radio operator was wounded badly and never returned to our crew.  Anderson, Waist Gunner and Alderson, Tail Gunner did return to the Coleman crew. Later Ray Stange joined the Coleman crew.
  2. In January 2007, Bruce Zimmermann identified his dad, Harold W. Zimmermann to the extreme right in the back row and stated that his dad only flew one mission with the crew.


  1. 398th Mission No. 173, Rheine, Germany, 21 March 1945
  2. On this mission the Coleman crew flew in the Lead Squadron
  3. Aircraft flown: 43-39101 N7-C
  4. Aircraft in photo: probably 43-39101 N7-C
  5. Photo Date: 21 March 1945
  6. Photo Location: Nuthampstead
  7. Photo Reference No. A9231
  8. Information compiled by UK Friends of the 398th and Phillip R. Swan and Bruce Zimmermann. Photo via Randy Stange.
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