Back Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. 2nd Lt. Lloyd M. Sundheim, Navigator
  2. 2nd Lt. Walter E. Marsh, Bombardier
  3. 2nd Lt. John O. Hobbs, Co-Pilot
  4. 1st Lt. Steve P. Cullinan, Pilot

Front Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. S/Sgt. Harold B. Butler, Radio
  2. Cpl. Lewis A. Puthoff, Ball Turret
  3. S/Sgt. Ben Mendes, Engineer
  4. Sgt. Florence A. Kowalczyk, Tail Gunner
  5. S/Sgt. Bernard P. Jaruszewski, Waist Gunner
  6. Sgt. Ellsworth Wright, Waist Gunner


  1. Ranks and crew positions taken from the Mission Report for May 11th 1944, the earliest that could be found and are assumed to be the same as during training.
  2. Under review as changes above:
    1. Cpl Lewis A. Puthoff, as AG (Tail Gunner)
    2. Sgt Florence A. Kowalczyk, as 1G (Waist Gunner)
    3. S/Sgt Bernard P. Jaruszewski, as 2G (Waist Gunner )
    4. Sgt Ellsworth Wright, as Ball Turret Gunner


  1. Original Crew No. 67 for the Roster to England
  2. Aircraft in photo: Unknown
  3. Photo Date: Spring 1944
  4. Photo Location: Rapid City
  5. Photo Reference: Cullinan_JE
  6. Information compiled by UK Friends of the 398th with thanks to Joseph "Pee Wee" Ellis for providing the photograph and Kevin Marsh for crewmember identification.
  7. If you would like to add information about this photograph, please contact our Crew Photos Coordinator. Please mention the title and photograph date.