Back Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. S/Sgt. Anthony G. Buddes, Radio Operator
  2. S/Sgt. Charles W. Branum, Togglier
  3. S/Sgt. James R. Atkins, Tail Gunner
  4. S/Sgt. George R. Ormsby, Waist Gunner
  5. 2nd Lt. Maurice S. Trokey, Co-Pilot

Front Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. S/Sgt. James B. Pettibone, Engineer / Top Turret
  2. S/Sgt. James A. Powell, Ball Turret Gunner
  3. 2nd Lt. Andrew R. Thomas, Pilot
  4. 2nd Lt. Elmer S. Spaw, Navigator

Note: On 15 March 1945 the Thomas Crew, flying B-17 43-38562 L, crashed 4 miles west of Oranienburg after their aircraft was hit by flak. All crew listed above were onboard for this mission except for Branum and Atkins. Sgt. William H. Hilderbran had filled in as tail gunner for Atkins, no one took Branum's place. 1st Lt. Thomas and T/Sgt. Buddes (their ranks on that date) were both KIA. The rest of the crew became POW's.


  1. Photo Date: December 1944
  2. Ranks are as of photo date
  3. All of the men shown in this crew photo flew together beginning mid-Dec. 1944
  4. Photo Location: Nuthampstead, England
  5. Aircraft in photo: Kitty Kay and Katy
    Serial# 43-38562 L
  6. Photo Reference: ThomasAR
  7. Information compiled by the 398th Web Team.
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