Back Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. Rank Man A, Position
  2. Rank Man B, Position
  3. 2nd Lt. Charles E. Reynolds, Co-Pilot
  4. Rank Man D, Position

Front Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. Rank Man 1, Position
  2. Rank Man 2, Position
  3. Rank Man 3, Position
  4. Rank Man 4, Position
  5. Rank Man 5, Position

Geoff Rice our photo researcher and Lee Bradley our group historian determined that the above photo which Paul Reynolds provided of his uncle was taken during 398th training in Rapid City. As follows is a note to Paul from Lee Bradley, 398th Group Historian that provides some background on 2nd Lt. Charles E. Reynolds and possibly the rest of the crew shown above.

"The 398th was a training operation in the States until April 1944.  Ours was one of the last groups to be assigned overseas.  Hundreds of men were trained by the 398th then reassigned to other Bomb Groups. Such was the case of your uncle, Charles E. Reynolds.  He was assigned to the 303rd  Bomb Group (H) Hells Angels stationed in Molesworth, England.  He was a 2nd Lt. Co-Pilot with the John W. Stuermer Crew, 358th SQ.  They went down on Feb. 22, 1944 after a mid-air collision with another B-17 while assembling over England.  All crew perished except for one waist gunner who managed to bail out.  That day they were flying B-17 serial # 42-38041 D  (SQ letters "VK"), it was named Hells Angel II.  Your uncle is buried in Cambridge American Cemetery in Madingley, England.  Grave location:  A 1 27

I am fairly certain of all this as the 303rd has an excellent website; I matched your uncle's serial number on their Cambridge Cemetery link.  In the link below, you can read the full story and to also get you started with looking around their site.  Lots of info there:

  1. Info about the Stuermer crew and their fate.


  1. Aircraft in photo: Serial Number unknown but nose art indicates, Irish Pete
  2. Photo Date: 14 September 1943
  3. Photo Location: Rapid City during Training
  4. Photo Reference No. Unknown1_602
  5. Information compiled by UK Friends of the 398th with thanks to Paul Reynolds and Lee Bradley
  6. If you would like to add information about this photograph, please contact our Crew Photos Coordinator. Please mention the title and photograph date.
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