Front Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. Rank Man A, Position (1st of two to the left)
  2. Rank Man B, Position (2nd of two to the left)
  3. Rank Man C, Position (only back of man showing, head is in door opening)
  4. Rank Man D, Position (man speaking)
  5. Rank Man E, Position
  6. Rank Man F, Position (man doing paperwork on knee)
  7. Rank Man G, Position (man looking up at aircraft)

Back Row (viewer's left to right): The heads of 5 men are visible in the background.

  1. Rank Man 1, Position
  2. Rank Man 2, Position
  3. Rank Man 3, Position
  4. Rank Man 4, Position
  5. Rank Man 5, Position


  1. Aircraft in photo: 43-39180 N8-G, Hitler's Headache
  2. Photo Date: Unknown date in May 1945
  3. Photo Location: Arriving Bradley Field, Connecticut, USA
  4. Photo Reference No. Hitler's Headache: 2 088
  5. Other Photo Reference No. Unknown3_600_194505_HH
  6. Information compiled by UK Friends of the 398th with special thanks to Norm Taylor.
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