Back Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. 2nd Lt. William A. Howell, Bombardier
  2. 2nd Lt. Warren John Wade, Pilot
  3. 2nd Lt. Joseph Kleiman, CoPilot; Lt. Kleiman didn't go to the UK but was replaced by 2nd Lt. Ted Prevost. See Lt. Prevost's photo below.
  4. 2nd Lt. Bert D. Bream, Navigator

Front Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. Sgt. Jack Eder, Tail Gunner; at Labrador Sgt. Eder had appendicitus, and never flew with the Wade Crew
  2. Sgt. John H. Rex, Radio
  3. Sgt. Robert T. Ritter, Engineer
  4. Sgt. Eugene Gamba, Gunner
  5. Sgt. Harrrison F. Brooks, Waist Gunner
  6. Sgt. Wilbert Y. Burns, Ball Turret

Photo of 2nd Lt. Ted Prevost:


  1. Photo Date: August 1944
  2. Photo Location: Tampa, FL
  3. Photo Reference No. Addison_01
  4. Information compiled by UK Friends of the 398th with thanks to Ann Addison for providing the photo & information and to Dennis Jensen for creating the Jamaica High School page, see below.
  5. See also:
    1. Wade's Crew and The Saga of Shady Lady by Allen Ostrom
    2. Jamaica High School Time Capsule Warren John Weis - later Warren John Wade - Time capsule web page created by Dennis Jensen
  6. If you would like to add information about this photograph, or can provide a better scan, please contact our Crew Photos Coordinator. Please mention the title and photograph date.

See also:

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