Back Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. S/Sgt. Bob Ayres, Togglier
  2. 1st Lt. Marshall Zinter, Pilot
  3. S/Sg.t Roy Macklin, Ball Turret
  4. T/Sg.t Herb Pingree, Radio
  5. 2nd Lt. Billy Buffalo, Co-Pilot

Front Row (viewer's left to right):

  1. S/Sgt. Ed Steele, Waist Gunner
  2. S/Sgt. Irby Haynes, Tail Gunner
  3. 2nd Lt. Phil Schwartz, Navigator
  4. T/Sgt. Charlie Roll, Engineer

See also:

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  1. 398th Mission No. - unknown date so 398th mission cannot be specified.
  2. Aircraft flown: Unknown
  3. Aircraft in photo: 44-8636 30-X, VICTORY VIRGIN
  4. Photo Date: March 1945
  5. Photo Location: probably Nuthampstead
  6. Photo Reference No. ZIN 02
  7. Information compiled by UK Friends of the 398th with thanks to Marshall Zinter, Catherine Perz and Russ Abbey.
  8. If you would like to add information about this photograph, please contact our Crew Photos Coordinator. Please mention the title and photograph date.