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  1. Unknown
  2. Corporal Maurice Tungett
  3. Sgt. Andrew "Andy" Schaffer, Crew Chief
  4. Sgt. Jimmie Fong

Sgt. Andrew Schaffer, Crew Chief and Cpl. Maurice Tungett and Sgt. Jimmy Fong worked on the aircraft 42-102596 3O-N Doodit.

The A/C 42-102596 3O-N arrived 28 April 1944 and was assigned to the 601st. It was named Doodit. The A/C was one of the few that survived the war and was retired to Kingman in late 1945.


  1. Photo Date: Unknown date 1944 or 1945
  2. Photo Location: Unknown
  3. Photo Reference No. Crew Chief Andrew Schaffer - 2
  4. Ranks at the time this photograph was taken are derived from the chevron insignia visible on the men's coat sleeves.
  5. Information and photo with thanks to Andrea Maisel, daughter of S/Sgt. Andrew Schaffer. Per Andrea regarding photo date and location; "It looks to me like this photo was taken early on or at the end, as they are all very clean shaven, crew cut, and happy! They are at a train station (see the train in the background). This was probably taken “State side”."
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