This photo was labeled "Crew Chief" in the Edward C. Jordan Photo collection. Ed Jordan was a pilot in the 603rd and in Nuthampstead from April to September 1944.

In February 2003, Dallas Green, former 398th Group Historian wrote:

"This is Maurice Shallert, the Shallert part I am sure of.... He was a crew chief on the B-17, Miazziz Dragon. It had a big green dragon painted on the nose. This B-17 was parked in a revetment on the path to technical supply which I passed by several times a day. My plane was parked directly across the taxi strip. I remember it because of the big green dragon painted on its nose."

The Miazziz Dragon, 43-39038 was assigned to the 398th on 4 March 1945 and thus Dallas was recalling an event from March-April 1945.


  1. Aircraft in photo: Unknown. Since this photograph was in Ed Jordan's picture collection, Maurice Shallert probably was the Crew Chief associated with one of Ed's B-17s during the summer 1944, one different than the Miazziz Dragon.
  2. Photo Date: Summer 1944
  3. Photo Location: Nuthampstead
  4. Photo Reference No. DJ_3B05
  5. Photo provided by Dave Jordan from the Edward C. Jordan's 398th Photo Collection CD.
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