T/Sgt. Turner was a photographer with the 398th Photo Section, 602nd Squadron.

According to his son, Ward, T/Sgt. Charles Turner got the nickname "Slipswitch" because he came up with a simple device to replace a bomb camera trigger that was failing due to freezing up at high altitudes. He would tie a tongue depressor to the last bomb on the rack and put the depressor between two spring loaded contacts. When the last bomb dropped the switches made contact and the camera took its pictures.

See also:

  1. T/Sgt. Charles R. Turner's Certificate of Proficiency - probably awarded in 1944
  2. T/Sgt. Charles R. Turner's 1st Combat Bombardment Wing Commendation - awarded 25 May 1945


  1. Photo Date: 1944 or 1945
  2. Photo Location: Station 131, Nuthampstead
  3. Photo Reference No. C.Turner 02
  4. The Certificate of Proficiency was most likely awarded to Turner during 1944. The reason being is that it bears Col. Hunter's signature who was killed in action on January 23, 1945.
  5. Information compiled by the 398th BGMA web team with thanks to Ward Turner who provided photos and information about his Dad.
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