2014 England Tour & Biennial Memorial Service Overview Photos

Our biennial tour to honor the men of the 398th Bombardment Group, flying from station 131, Nuthampstead, England during WWII.

The Biennial Memorial Service was held on June 14, 2014 at the 398th Memorial near The Woodman Inn, Nuthampstead, England. On Friday, June 13, the group began at the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial in Madingley where their new visitor building was on the agenda to explore. After spending time at the cemetery, the group traveled to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. Saturday was spent at Nuthampstead beginning with the service at 11 am followed by lunch in the Woodman Inn. There were jeep rides and tours of the airfield and time to visit the Nuthampstead Airfield Museum and building site. On Sunday, there was a service at St George's Church in Anstey where the beautiful stained glass window honoring our 398th BG men killed in action is located.

Below are a few photos from various events held throughout the weekend of June 14, 2014.
Many thanks to Mellisa & Jim Ledlow, and Marilyn & Geoff Rice for use of their photos.


The Tour Group at the American Cambridge Cemetery at Madingley - June 13, 2014

Several of the group attending the Biennial Reunion gathered to lay a wreath in honor the 398th BG.

L to R, front row: Paul Droy, Ann Matteson, Chrysta Moore, Deborah Gerald, Mary Ibeling, DJ "Red" Ibeling, Lew Burke, Lillie Burke,
Richard Harris, Elaine Tyler, Alex Sharpe, Mellisa Ledlow, Jim Ledlow, Geoff Rice.
L to R, second row: David Matteson (behind Chrysta Moore), Alexis Murray, Eliot Murray, Nathan Sharpe, Lisa Moore Trygar, Marilyn Gibb-Rice.
Last row: David Moore (behind Alexis Murray).

The 398th BG Wreath Laid at Madingley

Alex and Nathan Sharpe at Madingley

Mellisa Ledlow at Madingley

Lillie & Lew Burke and Red & Mary Ibeling.

Lew was a Co-Pilot with the 603rd SQ and Red was a Radio Operator with the 602nd SQ. Both of them are both proud Veterans of the 398th BG.

A Visit to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford

L to R: Alexis Murray, Eliot Murray, Chrysta Moore (widow of Veteran Cecil Moore), Lisa Moore Trygar, David Moore.

Jim Ledlow, Lew Burke and Geoff Rice enjoying the Duxford Museum

Lew Burke "holding court" at Duxford. Lew always tells a good story.

The Eagle Pub in Cambridge, England

"The Eagle is one of the oldest Inns in Cambridge with evidence of a tavern on its site from the 15th Century.
The RAF Bar with its famous ceiling boasts signatures and squadron numbers of men and women from all over the
world which forms a unique record of the armed forces who came together in The Eagle during the Second World War."

If you carefully look at the ceiling, you will discover where serviceman from Station 131 marked "398" while there during 1944 or 1945.

Jim Ledlow at The Eagle Pub. Note the 398th BG logo sticker on the wall.

Crowd Attending the 398th BG & 55th FG Memorial Service, Nuthampstead, England

Tobye Loss (widow of Ralph Loss, 601st SQ), Kathy & David Loss at the Memorial Service.

Tobye Obviously Enjoyed Her Jeep Ride!

Alex Sharpe in back of jeep (son of Milton Sharpe, 600th SQ), and Mary & Red Ibeling
also enjoyed a ride around the old Station 131 Field.

Chrysta Moore (widow of Cecil Moore) and her grandson, Eliot (wearing light blue shirt) going on their jeep tour of the field.

John Blackwell and Teedy Blackwell (widow of Wally Blackwell, 601st SQ) visit the Nuthampstead Airfield Museum

Building 1 was unveiled during the Biennial Memorial weekend and was a huge success. Located on the edge of the old Station 131 airfield,
next to the Woodman Inn and only a few yards from the 398th BG and 55th FG monuments, the Nuthampstead Airfield Museum
is perfectly situated. Following are photos showing a few of the many interesting items on display.

Marilyn Gibb-Rice, Lisa Moore Trygar and other patrons at the Museum.

There is so much to look at in the Nuthampstead Airfield Museum!

Andrew and Helene Coote.

This and the following 6 photos show a few of the many items on display at the Museum.

After Sunday Service at St. George's Church in Anstey, England.

L to R: Posing in front of the 398th BG Stained Glass Window are Lisa Moore Trygar, Alexis Murray, Chrysta Moore, Eliot Murray and David Moore.