398th Photo Collection Project

Over the years, many of you have provided Geoff Rice, our 398th Photo Historian with scans or originals of your 398th photos. Sometimes these were provided at 398th Reunions or via e-mail or CDs.

We wanted to let you know that Geoff is still very interested in receiving additional photos whether scanned or originals. If you have photos you would like to send, please contact Geoff, our 398th Photo Historian to work out how best to proceed. Please recognize that only some of the photos are put on the web. Most are carefully placed into Geoff's archive of 398th photos, many of which he brings to the 398th Reunions.

Photos of Interest

  1. Aircraft photos
  2. Flight Crew photos
  3. Ground Crew photos
  4. Ground Staff photos
  5. Training photos
  6. Other

E-Mailing Photo Scans

If you have just a few select photos to send to Geoff, our 398th Photo Historian, e-mailing is a good way. You should scan in color at 600dpi. Sometimes it is best to send one photo per e-mail and include a title and as much information as you have about that photo, such as who is in it, date if you know and where it was taken. We recognize many times that you won't have all the information but we do want what you have. We have used our web site with excellent results to determine who's who in the various photos.

Photo CDs

While most send Geoff a few select photo scans via e-mail, some veteran's families have created CD scans of their 398th collections. We are very happy to receive these. Below is a list of two or many sample CDs that we have received. If you decide to make a 398th photo CD, you may wish to see our 398th Photo CD Tips and our Photo Scanning Tips.

  1. Jordan 398th Photo CD Collection
  2. Rudrud 398th Photo CD Collection

Our 398th Photo Collections

The 398th Photo Collection lists the various 398th photo groupings from our archives that are displayed on the 398th web site. Please recognize that there are many more photos in the collection than we have on-line. More will be added as time permits.