Fortresses Over Nuthampstead - The 398th Bombardment Group (H) 1943 to 1945

  1. Author: Cliff T. Bishop
  2. First Published in the United Kingdom in 2004 by East Anglia Books
  3. ISBN 1 869987 10 1
  4. This book is available through the 398th PX and via East Anglia Books.


About the Author

Cliff T. Bishop

CLIFF HAS LONG BEEN interested in the history of the 8th Air Force and all things to do with the history of the B-17 aircraft.

From World War Two when B-17s started moving into the new airfields constructed near his home in Suffolk, he has maintained this interest and is still involved in helping, as time allows, with the B-17 Sally B at Duxford.

This is the second book he has authored and published through his company East Anglia Books which specialises in US Air Force and World War Two history.

This volume has emerged as a follow through to his first book. While collecting the material for the first he acquired a lot of historical information on the 398th Group but was not able to use it as the Group did not start operations during the period covered by the first publication.

Apart from the B-17 Cliff has had a long association with Boeing aircraft. During service in the RAF he worked on the B-17s big brother the B-29 (Washington) and during a long career as a design engineer with an aircraft maintenance company he worked on all the Boeing jet airliners except the 777.

Now retired, he is a long time associate member of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society and of many Bomb Group Associations. He is now considering what his next project will be.