Official WWII 8th AAF 398th BG Historical Data

Official WWII 8th AAF 398th BG Historical Data can be obtained at the U.S. Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) located at 600 Chenault Circle, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama 36112-6424.

The AFHRA has fourteen 16mm microfilm rolls made directly from the paper documents that now reside in the U.S. National Archives in Washington, DC. Copies of the microfilm are also available for purchase from the AFHRA at $35 per roll. This information is labeled "398th Bomb Group Records" and it has existed for many years at the AFHRA. The 398th BG Memorial Association appreciates the outstanding cooperation of the AFHRA and its personnel in making this type of information and additional research services available to the 398th. There are many other WWII AAF units that receive similar assistance. Additional information about the Air Force Historical Research Agency can also be found on their web site.

The details on the AFHRA microfilm roll numbers pertaining to the 398th BG with a brief content description is as follows. Note the date format is European style. For example, 23/5/44 is day/month/year or May 23, 1944.

Key 398th Film Rolls
Roll No. Unit Dates Comments
BO476 398BG to Aug 44 500 frames of 2000
BO477 398BG Sep 44 to 7/5/45 BO476 and 477 about Group but not much personal material.
BO478 Ukn - -
BO479 398BG 23/5/44 - 6/6/44 Detailed individual mission reports. Lots of statistics.
BO480 398BG 6/6/44 - 21/6/44 Detailed individual mission reports.
BO481 398BG 21/6/44 - 8/7/44 Detailed individual mission reports.
BO481-A 398BG 19/7/44 - 25/7/44 Detailed individual mission reports.
BO482 398BG 25/7/44 - 24/8/44 Detailed individual mission reports.
BO483 398BG 24/8/44 - 17/9/44 Detailed individual mission reports.
BO483-A 398BG 19/9/44 - 2/10/44 Detailed individual mission reports.
BO484 398BG 3/10/44 - 30/12/44 Detailed individual mission reports.
BO485 398BG 31/12/44 - 7/3/45 Detailed individual mission reports.
BO486 398BG 8/3/45 - 11/4/45 Detailed individual mission reports.
BO487 398BG 13/4/45 - 25/4/45 Detailed individual mission reports.

CD - Statistical History of the 398th Bomb Group

The 398th BG Memorial Association has obtained unqualified permission from AFHRA to have the above mentioned 14 rolls of 398th BG microfilm scanned and placed on a set of two CDs. These CDs contain over 30,000 page images, including such items as awards, loading lists, mission reports, debriefings, crew narratives, etc. The CD would be generally more convenient and cost effective; however, information about the original microfilms has been provided for those wishing to pursue their research via that medium.

Note: The 398th PX used to carry the CDs of this data. Restocking is under future consideration.