Lt. Harvey B. Kramer's Diary

Navigator, 600th Squadron

Lt. Harvey B. Kramer was the Navigator for the Richard L. Rohrer Crew. During 1944 this crew was based in Nuthampstead, England. The Rohrer Crew was in the 60oth Squadron, 398th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. The diary covers the perod from April 23, 1944 to June 21, 1944 when the crew was shot down. Also included is an account by Lt. Clarence Franks, Jr., the Bombardier of the same crew.

  1. Lt. Harvey B. Kramer's Diary
  2. Lt. Harvey B. Kramer's Diary History
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  2. Gene L. Douglas' Crew - 600th Squadron - Summer or Fall 1943 contains photo of Richard Rohrer while co-pilot with Gene Douglas at Rapid City and before Richard Rohrer became pilot of the crew referenced in the Kramer Diary.